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The technology behind real-time Bidding is highly complex. We designed NOAX in such a way it is simple to use and saves time to manage. Of note: NOAX allows you to align your real-time bidding campaign with your other channels. Set-up your RTB campaign within 5 minutes as part of your cross-channel approach. NOAX will take your cross-channel data into account.



NOAX Brings Control We Bring Transparency

There is a smarter way of using real-time bidding when it comes to performance display advertising. We designed NOAX to make your life easier. To get the most out of your advertising budget and maximize your revenue, we believe that every impression should be “spot-on”.


Your Dynamic ads For Desktop, Tablet and mobile.

If you really want to engage new customers, you have to show them the right ad at the right time.
Noax supports both flash and HTML5 dynamic ads on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Next to that, we offer a tailored feed based dynamic solution for our clients to target their audience.




Rich Media The way for your Brand

Are you ready for the next step in online advertising? Discover how rich media ads can boost your campaigns. Rich Media is the ultimate tool to engage your audience and get your message accross. If you are looking to increase brand awareness, consideration or preference with specific audiences, NOAX will help to push your limits.


The rise of Cross Channel marketing

Your potential customers could be anywhere at any time.  NOAX covers all your advertising campaigns in one centralized system and makes sure no potential client is overlooked. We combine intelligent algorithms and technology, allowing your customers to convert on whatever medium they happen to be on.

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