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There is a smarter way of using real-time bidding when it comes to performance display advertising. Adscience developed NOAX, the first Demand Side Platform that is designed to make your lives easier. We provide advertisers and agencies 100% full transparency in order to make smart media buying decisions. With total control over your RTB spendings.

It’s all about finding the right balance between human experience and machine learning. We believe we have found that balance. Our innovative algorithms and powerful optimization rules analyze every impression so you will get the most out of your budget, meet the advertiser’s goals and make optimal decisions for every single impression.



Agency or advertiser Solution

Whether you’re an agency / trading desk or an advertiser, NOAX will provide you with the right set of tools to engage with your audience and scale up your business. That way we have created a true one-stop-shop solution for both advertisers and agencies.




Easy campaign set-up

Setting up a single or multi-channel campaign in NOAX is as easy as 1,2,3. You don’t want to waste your time, so we created a user friendly interface to make your life easier. Several years of research and development went into it to give you all the features and tools you currently need. Just one dashboard with one login. Everybody can do it, it’s that simple.


Transparency is key

Which websites showed the highest performance for your campaign? Which advertisements realized the most visits to your website? Which hours of the day generated most conversions? Without transparency you cannot answer these questions. That is why we believe transparency is key when it comes to real-time bidding.




100% campaign control

You are in total control and we are there to help you turn your campaigns into a success. Together we will build successful optimization scenarios that turn real-time data into ROI.


We’re always here for you

The bottom line is: You have a business to run. We take great pride in our service. Whatever your question or request is, we’re here to help day or night. Read more how to contact us directly.




Great insights real-time

We have identified numerous features and attributes that describe the internet user and his specific impressions. Gathering and analyzing the statistics from all those different factors (for example – visited domain, local weather, user’s interest, etc.), our software will help you identify the profile of your best performing audience! NOAX can verify your assumptions of the perfect conditions that make an impression into a sale or revolutionize them.






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